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Commercial, Industrial & Domestic Property and cleaning maintenace.


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Extreme Property care specialise in commercial and Industrial end of lease cleaning of Warehouse Interiors and Exteriors from ceilings to floors, inside and out. In fact just about any commercial property.
Even if you are not moving out we can clean up your building while you work or after hours.

Extreme Property Care can offer a cleaning solution for all your property maintenance 

Lawns & Gardens
Hedge & Tree Trimming
Weed Spraying
Complete property clearing
Industrial Sweeping
Industrial Scrubbing
Industrial Vacuuming
Water Blasting & Soft wash

 Industrial and commerical clean ups   Industrial Sweeping   Water blasting or whirly gig

Extreme Property Care can clean up all of the outside areas of  rubbish from broken pallets, dirt & dust.

We can even Sweep your entire site for you.

 Is your carpark looking like this?
Extreme Property Care can sweep up all of the debris from the carpark, pick up all of the litter from in the garden & give the garden a tidy up
Extreme Property Care can
Sweep inside and outside areas 

 We can water blast or soft wash most interiors & exteriors of warehouses and commercial buildings
Industrial water blasting of commercial buiding
Industrial Scrubbing
Industrial vacuuming
Water blasting
 This commercial building was Chem washed as the new owners wanted it cleaned since they where moving food grade products into the building  Extreme Property Care can also scrub most hard surface areas removing built up grime and dirt  We can Industrial vacuum your ceilings, duckting, rafters, walls and racking  Extreme Property Care used a mix of water blasting, chem wash and scrubbing to clean this factory


Extreme property Care cover all areas from Gold Coast Australia to Sunshine Coast Australia for Industrial & Commercial properties & Redcliffe Austraila & surrounding areas for Domestic customers.

For the full list on our areas click here

Is your Company getting a pile of Invoices each month from different contractors? Get all of your contract work done by Extreme Propety Care and we can reduce your Invoice piles significantly.

Contact Us and let us put an Extreme Property Care program in place for your Company.


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