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At Extreme Property Care their is no job too big or too small. We offer quality, professional and affordable lawn mowing, gardening, Hedge & tree trimming and weed spraying services for Domestic homes and Commercial businesses in Redcliffe and surrounding areas / Gold coast to the sunshine coast for commercial

Our family operated team are experienced and possess the lastest range of professional tools and equipment. No matter if its a few palm tree fronds, an out of control hedge or perhaps your whole back yard looks like a jungle.

Extreme Property Care Lawn mowing & Garden Care is family owned and operated. We offer you a convenient, professional solution to ensure your lawn and garden look great all year-round.

Extreme Property Care takes great pride in the work that we do. Customer satisfaction guaranteed.


Commercial and Domestic Lawnmowing Services Brisbane Queensland

Commercial and Domestic Lawn mowing Services

Extreme Property Care Lawn mowing services include mowing your lawn with a catcher, with out a catcher or using our mulch mower.
We use our whipper snipper or weedeater for all edges and around your trees leaving nice neat edges.
We then blow down all your paths.

We cater for the Commercial propertys, the large acreage block and the Domestic lawns with lawn mowers ranging in size from

18" walk behind mowers
21" self propelled mowers walk behind mowers
42" Zero turn ride on mowers
54" Zero turn ride on mowers

We can services your lawn on a weekly, fortnightly 3 weekly, monthly or one offs.

Mowing your lawn with a catcher

We can mow your lawn with a catcher and remove the grass clippings from your property or we can leave the grass clipping in your bins or around your trees.

Mowing without catcher

We can mow your Lawn with out a catcher which cuts your grass and spreads it out over your lawn.

Mulch Mowing

The mulch mower lifts and cuts the grass pushing the grass clippings up into the cutting chamber where it's cut into tiny pieces and blown down onto your lawn.
This process breaks down the lawn clippings much faster.

Mulch grass clippings break down quickly and provide up to 25% of your Lawns nutritional needs
and gives your lawn a greener and healthier look.

Commercial Lawn Mowing

Extreme Property Care maintains lawns and gardens of Commercial properties for various business
Real Estates
Body Corporates
Shopping Centers

We offer prompt, reliable services and guarantee a very high standard for all our work.
Extreme property Care can maintane your commercial property so potential buyers, tenants and customers are able to see your property at its best.

We beleave that first impressions really do count.

Hedge and Tree trimming Brisbane Queensland

Hedge and Tree trimming Commercial and Domestic

Make your hedges and Trees look their best with professional Hedge and Tree trimming

Hedges are a classic way to give your outdoor area a touch of class.
A beautifully trimmed hedge is the perfect finishing touch to a delightful garden while providing valuable privacy and protecting your garden from the elements.
A neat and tidy hedge is a joy to see, but it does need work to achieve the best possible finish.

Making your hedges look their best does require regular maintenance, this can be time consuming and you will need to have a firm understanding of proper pruning for each type of hedge plant.

Hedge resizing and reshaping

We can trim hedges, tree's, re shape or reduce in height

We understand that hedges and tree's can get out of hand and much of our work invovles resizing and reshaping hedges and tree's to more manageable sizes and shapes.

We draw on over 15 years of Industry knowledge to prune and trim your hedges, trees and shrubs using techniques specific to the plant species.
We care about the health of the plant and work with you the customer for the best out come of you and the hedge.

We deliver cost effective solutions to meet individual requirments and without compromise on quality.

Tree prunning and felling

Quite often branches grow very heavey over time and this can cause the tree to become top heavy.
This is likely to make it fall over in the next wind storm and if its on a slope, heavy rain can loosen the soil around the roots and the tree will topple over in the direction of the heaviest branch.

We can prun, re shape re duce in height or fell your trees. 

Commercial and Domestic Gardening Brisbane Queensland

Commercial and Domestic gardening and Landscaping

As we know in Business, first impressions are most important and to portray the right image for your business or body corporate area is so important.

Let Extreme Property care take care of all your gardening requirments

General weeding
Laying down mulch
Laying down pebbles
Re shaping gardens
Planting of new plants and srubs
Turf laying
Prong removal
Re shaping and trimming shrubs, hedges and tress

Turf Laying

Turf laying and Lawn seed sowing

We can up lift your old lawn and lay new Turf or we can sow new grass seed to most Demestic and Commercial propertys.

Turf laying

We will come out and spray your old lawn to kill it off and messure the area to be re turfed.

14 days later we come back and level and remove your old lawn, then we lay your new turf.

Sometimes we will have to put a layer of top soil down before we lay your new turf.

Areas Extreme Property Care Covers

Extreme Property care covers all areas from the Gold Coast Australia to the Sunshine coast Australia for Industrial and Commercial properties.
Redcliffe Queensland Austrialia and surrounding areas for Domestic Customers.

Is your Company getting a pile of invoices each month from differant contractors? Get all of your contract work done by Extreme Property Care and we can reduce your Invoice pile significantly.

Contact us and let us put an Extreme Property Care programe in place for your Company

Phone 0422 653 836 or 0411 362 874


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