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Extreme Property Care is the leading specialist in industrial vacuum of warehouse racking, ceiling duckting, beams and around and under machinery. 
This includes arranging at height platforms to reach those high places and extension vacuums for the hard to get to places.

Extreme Property care will industrial vacuum all the dust that settles on and under you racking. We can also wipe down all warehouse racking removing most stains with the use of cloths and our cleaning detergents.

If your warehouse is empty, Extreme Property Care can water blastsoft wash or chem wash your Warehouse racking.


Dont let the dust and grime affect your products or health

 Eye irritation    

Health issues          
 Respiration problems     
Contaminated product 
Endless re-wrapping of product        
Occupational health and safety issues

Industrial vacuuming and cleaning of warehouse racking

A clean warehouse is a more productive warehouse, with the racking contributing to a large percentage of the surface area. One of the drawbacks to warehouse cleaning for many companies is the lack of availability of cleaning companies that specialize in this specific type of service.
Because of our unique warehouse specialties, Extreme Property Care offers a wide range of cleaning services to the entire Queensland area from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast region.
The cleaning of warehouse racking is different from one facility to the next depending on their purpose and practices. We have the expertise to provide you with the best results at a reasonable cost, no matter how small or significant the job may be.


 Industrial vacuuming

 Industrial vacuuming of warehouse racking


Engineered to use the most advanced airflow filtration technologies 
Simply and quickly vacuum even very fine dust that normally chokes vacuum cleaners.
HEPA rated filter and 5x the filter surface area of conventional industrial vacuum systems.

With its cyclonic action, multi-sock filter system, and specialist components, there is hardly any industrial cleaning situation that Extreme Property Care cannot handle.

High Performance Design: An extra powerful motor, a tuned cyclonic action and highly engineered HEPA Multi-Sock filter system make it easy for Extreme Property Care to Industrial vacuum dust off warehouse racking, ducting, beams and in and around machinery.


Extreme Property Care also does exit and entry cleans, end of lease etc.

Extreme property Care cover all areas from Gold Coast Australia to Sunshine Coast Australia for Industrial & Commercial properties & Redcliffe Austraila & surrounding areas for Domestic customers.

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Is your company getting a pile of Invoices each month from different contractors ? Get all of your contract work done by Extreme Propety Care and we can reduce your Invoice piles significantly.

Contact Us and let us put an Extreme Property Care program in place for your Company. 


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