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Commercial, Industrial & Domestic Property and cleaning maintenace.


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Extreme Property Care specialises in industrial hard surface sweeping and scrubbing. We provide comprehensive indoor and outdoor scrubbing services using modern ride-on and walk behind machines.

Our powerful ride-on and walk behind scrubbing machines scrub floors using rotating brushes or pads together with efficient MAF approved detergents which cut through, loosen and remove in-grained dirt and grime.

Liquid spills and flood damage ( see Emergency spills ) can be cleaned efficiently and effectively.

Floors are left clean and dry within minutes ensuring little disruption to staff and work areas.



The Benefits of Regular Floor Scrubbing

     Prevents build up of grime, dust, tyre marks and dirt.
   Employees are provided with an hygienic and safe working environment.
Products stay fresh and in pristine condition
Health and safety requirements are met.
An attractive, proactive environment is presented to customers, suppliers and business partners

Extreme Property Care Scrubbing

Because of strict Health and Safety guidelines in the Processing and Distribution of food grade materials, Extreme Property Care can provide a regular floor cleaning schedule to assist in the removal of any bacterial contamination that inevitably accumulates over time in all such locations.

Regular Scrubbing of food grade floor areas is the most effective way of removing Dust, Bacterial Contamination, slippery floors and unsightly stains that can lead to an unsafe and unhealthy working environment.

Extreme Property Crae undertakes regular mechanical floor scrubbing and sweeping of Warehouses and Logistic Centres to assist in the overall operational presentation of customer products and company.
Health and Safety guidelines that are playing an increasing role in promoting safe working practices.

Regular floor sweeping followed by scrubbing of your premises is the most effective way of removing dust, grime, unsightly stains or slippery floor areas that inevitably can contribute to an unpleasant working environment and potentially lead to a workplace accident.

Extreme Property Care provides mechanical floor sweeping and scrubbing services to the Healthcare Manufacturing & Chemical Distribution Companies to assist in the eradication of fine dust particles that inevitably settle on specialized equipment or hazardous substances that must meet regulated standards prior to their delivery destination.

 Extreme Property Care work together with customers throughout the Queensland area by implementing sweeping & scrubbing programes for their sites to maintain their level of clean, appearance and health and safety at a high standard.

Extreme Property Care also does exit and entry cleans, end of lease etc.

Extreme property Care cover all areas from Gold Coast Australia to Sunshine Coast Australia For Industrial & Commercial properties & Redcliffe Austraila & surrounding areas for Domestic customers.
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